Added value between production and winding

Yarn Finishing

The finishing processes between yarn production and winding enhance product value. Experts call this yarn finishing. Dietze+Schell offers a range of in-house productions for this purpose. These prepare synthetic and glass fibres for further processing that will turn them into floorings, glass mats or other industrial products. The systems are located upstream of the winders and synchronised with their controls. This ensures perfect interaction between the two machines.

Fibre texturing for artificial turf and carpets

Manufacturers of artificial turf need crimped yarns. The DS 200 forms corresponding structures by texturing smooth fibres. The yarn is heated and stretched. This changes its properties until it partially contracts in production of artificial turf to make the end product particularly dense ("shrinkage"). Carpet yarn manufacturers use a similar process. Various yarns can be combined in either case. This achieves, for example, functional, haptic or visual effects.

Air-knotting fibres

In this form of finishing, an air jet blows individual fibres out of a bundle and wraps them around the others. This produces in "pseudo-knots" that stabilise the strand at regular intervals. This way, the strand can be more easily guided through eyelets because the individual fibres do not shift against each other. Most pseudo-knots dissolve again during processing.

Inflating glass fibres into wool

Air is blown into a fibre bundle from the side for glass texturing. It puffs up into a kind of endless cotton wool structure. This material is used to reinforce plastics. The glass components stabilise the material. Typical users of this product are suppliers to the automotive industry and manufacturers of wallpaper, roofing felt and other building materials.

Moistening before winding

Certain yarns, e.g. for the manufacture of car tyres, high-pressure or brake tubes, are coated before winding. Up to 120 threads are fed simultaneously through a tank for this, sprayed or moistened by rollers.

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