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The take-up parallel winder SW 500 winds material lanes with widths of up to 30 mm and more. These include single or double-sided glue-coated or uncoated films, silicone papers, non-wovens, foams, cork and hook-and-loop tapes.

A dancer arm system ensures that the material is wound at a constant tension and speed. The belt tension is adjusted via an electronic pressure control on a central operating terminal. Unlike the SW 4, the SW 500 has a moving spindle (bobbin). It reduces material deformation along the bobbin edges. Larger strap widths and more sensitive materials can be wound this way.

Many operators combine the take-up parallel winder with a cutting system.

Facts and advantages

take-up parallel winder with moveable winding mandrel

strap width up to 60 mm and maximum outer package diameter 500 mm

flexible traverse adjustable by touchscreen

tension control adjustable by dancer arm, set via touchscreen

central input terminal with recipe management

useable for light-weight non-wovens

SW 500
Winding speed 250 m/min
Maximum mandrel rotation speed 800 1/min
Yarn tension range dancer control 25 - 1200 cN, up to 3500 cN with tourque control
Traverse length up to 420 mm stepless
Mandrel diameter from 76 mm (3'')
Maximum winding package diameter 500 mm
Maximum package weight 50 kg
Crossing ratio electronic
  • Central operating terminal with visualised programme guidance. The current production data can be viewed here. This is also used to enter the production parameters and to create and distribute production programmes for different formats and materials to keep equipment times short. A perfect bobbin build-up for different winding materials can be achieved thanks to the freely programmable winding process.
  • Dancer control for controlling a constant winding tension and speed, as well as for strap monitoring
  • Bobbins on cylindrical and flange sleeves
  • Automatic deactivation after adjustable running length
  • Pneumatic lamellar spreading mandrels for fast bobbin changes
  • Pressure roller
  • Liner dispensing at the winder

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