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EW machines are some of the heavy-weights among precision cross winders. They wind packages weighing up to 1,500 kg and with diameters of 500, 800, 1,000 or 1,500 mm, depending on the machine version. They find their use in production of acrylic fibres and raffia yarns (e.g. baler twines). The manufacturers initially wind large bobbins for stock-keeping and then customise smaller units from these based on to customer orders.

The individual winding positions can be combined into production lines by networking the individual machines. The compact design permits use even in confined spaces. The machines were developed for continuous operation.

Facts and advantages

precursor winder for yarn counts from 3 k to 72 k with - p or q-winding

take-up winding with p- or q-winding

very strong mechanical design for packages up to 1300 kg

central input terminal with recipe management

designed for operation around the clock

easy access for maintenance

EW 500 EW 800 EW 1000 EW 1500
Winding speed 500 m/min 500 m/min 300 m/min 300 m/min
Maximum mandrel rotation speed 1200 1/min 1000 1/min 650 1/min 650 1/min
Yarn count up to 65000 dtex up to 65000 dtex up to 65000 dtex up to 65000 dtex
Yarn tension range dancer control 500 - 6000 cN 500 - 6000 cN 500 - 6000 cN 500 - 6000 cN
Traverse lengthbis up to 500 mm up to 800 mm up to 800 mm up to 1200 mm
Mandrel diameter from 50 mm from 134 mm from 134 mm from 134 mm
Maximum winding package diameter 500 mm 800 mm 1000 mm 1500 mm
Maximum package weight 80 kg 350 kg 550 kg 1300 kg
Crossing ratio electronic electronic electronic electronic
  • Central operating terminal with visualised programme guidance. The current production data of the individual winding positions or a summary of the entire line can be displayed here. This is also used to enter the winding parameters and to create and distribute winding programmes.
  • Dancer control for controlling a constant thread tension and winding speed
  • Electronically controlled and diameter-dependent programmable crossing
  • Bobbin push-off
  • Suction device
  • Special bobbin mandrel for easy removal of the heavy bobbin packs

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