B2-500 CS-E


The B2-500 CS-E is a parallel winder for take-up winding of monofilaments from extrusion systems. The machine uses straight winding sleeves or the biconical design (bobbin). Filaments for fishing nets, hail protection, and sun protection are usually wound on this. The group laying with multiple winding points powered by a single motor makes the machine particularly economically efficient both in acquisition and maintenance.

Developer and manufacturer SIMA WT has been part of Dietze+Schell group since 2017.

Facts and benefits

Take-up parallel winder with manual bobbin change

Torque control of the thread tension without dancer arm

Winding package production on biconical bobbins and straight winding sleeves up to a length of 500 mm

Group laying

Placement of the winding positions in up to four levels

  B2-500 CS-E
Winding speed up to 200 m/min
Maximal winding mandrel revolutions 1500 1/m
Yarn size starting at 0.15 mm diameter
Thread tension starting at 100 cN
Laying stroke stepless up to 500 mm
Maximal bobbin weight 5 kg
Type of laying group laying with global adjustment of the laying stroke
Winding sleeves straight and biconical winding sleeves
  • Central operating terminal
  • Torque motor
  • No dancer arm
  • Manually actuated winding mandrels with springs and ring mechanism
  • Automatically adjusted increase of the winding torque during bobbin build-up
  • Automatically adjusted reduction/ increase of the laying stroke during the bobbin build-up
  • Group laying via central carriage

Integrated start-up winder at the line end of the machine

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