The right solution for any material: with Dietze+Schell systems and plants

The glass texturing machine family specialises in texturing glass fibres or blends (e.g. glass fibre/Kevlar or glass fibre/carbon). The systems process materials with thicknesses of up to 9,600 tex.

The DST 90 FB produces fibre straps from direct rovings or spinning cakes. A precision cross winding machine then winds the textured material.

Facts and advantages

texturising unit for glass, basalt, aramid, carbon and hybrid yarns as well as synthetic fibres

optional fancy godget for special effects

different texturising nozzles for different effects and highest efficiency

Very good repeat accuracy and transferabiliy of texturising effects between different machines

solid design for long-term use

yarn tension adjustable by display

  • Central operating terminal with visualised programme guidance. The current production data can be viewed here. The winding parameters can be entered, and winding programmes can also be created here.
  • Stores up to 100 different items as winding programmes
  • Direct drive of all godets
  • Sealed nozzle box with exchangeable special nozzle for the desired texturing result
  • Dancer control for controlling a constant thread tension and winding speed
  • Connection to a central extraction system is possible
  • Proportional pressure control valve for electronic adjustment of nozzle pressure
  • Thread monitor
  • Thread guide for different thread thicknesses
  • Additional supply godet for production of fancy yarns
  • Take-off from gate to 60 fold
  • Water spraying device
  • Take-off device for up to 4 supply bobbins
  • Dancer arm for extra high thread tension
  • Winding mandrels for different sleeve diameters

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