For waxed and unwaxed straps

Strap winders (VBW)

On the one hand, straps are not very supple. On the other hand, they demand maximum efficiency in the winding process as low-cost products. This places special demands on strap winders.

Dietze+Schell produces high-performance winders for waxed and unwaxed straps with widths from 4.5 to 50 mm. The range covers single- and double-bobbin versions for manual swap to fully automatic winders, for core diameters of 60 to 400 mm and outer bobbin diameters of up to 1,200 mm. Dietze+Schell machines can be designed to wind bobbins weighing up to 500 kg.

Low strap bend

The reversal points, where the thread arrives at the end of the bobbin and "reverses", are a neuralgic point. Dietze+Schell strap winders place them in one line on the bobbin. This is called point laying. It results in a stable package structure with minimal strap bend. It guarantees safe handling of the finished bobbin and clean strip unwinding at a later time.

Safety from the belt clamp

The belt clamp is a technical necessity in automatic machines, while manual versions can generally do without. However, an increased risk of injury results from strap ends protruding into the sleeve. Dietze+Schell therefore integrates the belt clamps into mechanical systems.

Parallel winding, but without flange

Strap users usually expect bobbins without a flange. Dietze+Schell therefore integrates discs into the machines to stand in for the flange in the winding process. These are removed afterwards.

Strap storage for the swap

No matter if you are using manual or automatic swap: The material from production, which cannot be wound up for the moment, is placed in the strap storage. It is then wound into a fresh bobbin.

Machine solutions for your requirements

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