The right solution for any material: with Dietze+Schell systems and plants

The DS 200 G specialises in artificial turf yarn. It textures bundled PES, PP, PE or PA flat monofilaments. The machine also textures fibrillated PE ribbons or CF and BCF yarns made of PP, PA or PET. The DS 200 G is designed for yarns with thicknesses of up to 14,000 dtex. Some applications permit total thread strengths of up to 20,000 dtex.

Artificial turf filaments are processed inline (starting at the extruder line) or offline (starting at the dispensing frame). The textured filaments can be wrapped with auxiliary yarns in a wrapping spindle and then wound in a precision cross winding machine.

The machines were developed for continuous operation. Networking joins the winding positions together into production lines. The compact design permits use even in confined spaces.

Facts and advantages

texturising unit for artificial turf

yarn counts of up to 20000 tex

up to two texturizing position per frame

optionally in combination wrapping spindle

inline or offline production

central input terminal with recipe management

  DS 200 G
Winding speed bis 500 m/min
Yarn count bis 20000 dtex
  • Central operating terminal with visualised programme guidance. The current production data of the individual winding positions or a summary of the entire line can be displayed here. This is also used to enter the winding parameters and to create and distribute winding programmes.
  • Heatable godets with integrated temperature control
  • Sound-insulated nozzle box with special nozzle for production of grass yarns
  • Proportional pressure control valve for electronic adjustment of the nozzle pressure
  • Can be combined with other winding points e.g. SW DS 352, DS 353, DS 10
  • Equipment adjustment for concurrent processing of 2 filament strands
  • Network connection
  • Suction cutter for inline operation
  • Manual precision cross winder instead of automatic machine for offline operation only

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