A-300 B-L


The A-300 B-L cross-winding machine is mostly used for take-up winding on  tape extrusion systems. Flat material plastic with a width of 0.5 to 3 millimetres is taken up. This is used, among other things, for industrial production of transport bags or tear-open ribbons for packaging.

This uncomplicated cross-winder is a robust and constant endurance runner for large volumes with a highly specialised area of use. The crossing ratio is mechanically specified.

Developer and manufacturer SIMA WT has been part of Dietze+Schell group since 2017.

Facts and advantages

Thread tension adjustable via dancer arm (at the touch screen or manually via a spring system)

Manually or pneumatically actuated winding mandrels for winding sleeves or without sleeves

Weight of the winding packages up to 15 kg

Winding package width up to 300 mm

Yarn count up to 15,000 dtex

For take-up winding

  A 300 B-L
Winding speed up to400 m/min
Maximal winding mandrel revolutions 1600 1/m
Yarn count up to 15000 dtex
Thread tension 100 – 2000 cN
Laying stroke up to 300 mm
Winding mandrel diameter Starting from 76 mm
Maximal bobbin package diameter 300 mm
Maximal bobbin weight 15 kg
Crossing mechanically specified
  • Central operating terminal
  • Dancer control for adjusting a constant thread tension and winding speed
  • Fixed crossing ratio

Equipment options

Climate control

Machine solutions for similar requirements

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