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The DST 375 spinning cake winder winds glass or basalt fibres into spinning cakes. The winder has two winding mandrels for automatic bobbin swapping and thread transfer. The flyer rotates in an additional, changing movement above the winding mandrel to lay the fibre strands.

The machine has been developed for continuous operation in an environment with heavy contamination. One to three spinning cakes can be produced per winding mandrel at the same time.

Facts and advantages

spinning cake winder with automatic bobbin swapping

yarn counts from 68 to 800 tex with up to 16 splits

package weights of up to 45 kg

workable winding mandrel length up to 1020 mm with up to 6 packages

central input terminal with recipe management

automatic greasing unit for turret

  DST 371/2- 1 DST 371/2- 2 DST 371/2- 3
Cake per mandrel 1 2 3
Winding speed 1000 - 4100 m/min 1000 - 4100 m/min 1000 - 3700 m/min
Maximum flyer rotation speed up to 1500 1/min up to 1500 1/min up to 1500 1/min
Usable mandrel length 340 mm 680 mm 1020 mm
Maximum linear mandrel movement 250 mm 250 mm 250 mm
Mandrel diameter 301 mm 301 mm 301 mm
Maximum cake diameter 380 mm 380 mm 380 mm
Maximum cake weight 18 kg 18 kg 18 kg
  • Intuitive machine settings via touch panels with visualised programme operation
  • Precise, electronically controlled crossing for bobbins that are suitable for high-frequency drying
  • Programmable winding of protective layers
  • Automatic cleaning of the machine components by various spray devices
  • Programmable bobbin push-off
  • Spinning starts automatically from the spinning level
  • Control of an external sizing roller based on a specifically adjustable speed profile
  • Water spraying devices for the flyer and winding head
  • Network integration with production data assessment
  • External pull-off rollers for bridging short downtimes
  • Split manager

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