Cutting and winding from a single source

Cutting systems

Adhesive film, hook‑and‑loop tape, and other material lanes are produced on rolls up to 250 centimetres wide and then pre‑cut to a width of about 50 centimetres. The further cutting into strips of 2 to 60 millimetres and subsequent winding on parallel winders takes place on Dietze + Schell plants.

Various cutting techniques

There are various ways of cutting material in industrial application. Scissors have two blades that move towards each other. Pinching separates the material by applying pressure, like a pizza cutter, and a razor cut has a single blade. Cutting systems by Dietze + Schell use all of them for customer‑specific solutions that turn material lanes into narrow ribbons.

Quick blade change

The material‑specific blades are assembled outside of the cutting system in a "cartridge" for the respective application and inserted into the machine on demand. This shortens their downtimes during a change.

Perfect drive

Servo motors drive the rolls up- and downstream of the cutting unit. The user can precisely adjust the winding speed, and as a result the material tension, in the cutting area - which is particularly relevant for sensitive materials and materials that can easily tear. The motor stops the reels precisely. Additional brakes are not needed.

Coordinated overall solutions

Dietze + Schell cooperates with subsidiaries to implement entire system solutions: An extruder by SIMA S.r.l. (Italy) and large reels by TRIMA (Czech Republic) are placed upstream, followed by Dietze + Schell cutting units and our parallel winders for rewinding.

Machine solutions for your requirements

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