Tailored to your application

Wind from one bobbin to the other. or pick up the material directly, i.e. inline, from production to wind it. - Both are core competences for our precision cross winders. Designed for technical yarns, synthetic and natural fibres, the Dietze+Schell cross winders process both threads and straps. Choose from many basic versions that we tailor to customer requirements. Our machines are extremely flexible in use. The customer can vary yarn tension, contact pressure, speed and other parameters to match the present requirements.

There's a matching control for every purpose.

Electronic control facilitates handling. Such machines are ideal for frequently varying bobbin sizes and materials. The mechanical version is recommended for customers who process large batches of the consistent qualities. Both the mechanically and electronically controlled system will result in the best wound bobbin for industrial processing of technical yarns.

Fully automatic bobbin swap

Winding continues uninterrupted even when the bobbin is full, thanks to our fully automatic bobbin swap. Finished bobbins drop onto a conveyor belt, and the next empty bobbin takes over the thread. The process continues uninterrupted and without slowing down production. No manual intervention is needed. This is our cross winders' contribution to ensuring that the users' "efficiency thread" never breaks.

Dietze+Schell has developed take-up (TU) versions with electronic and manual control for continually supplied threads or yarns.

Refinement increases the value of the work

Integration between source and bobbin is possible for various refining processes. The machines wrap, soak, bend or compress the textile yarns. Additional units upstream add value while winding.

Assembled roving

Dietze+Schell usually design their winders for one to three packages per spindle. A larger number of bobbins is also possible. The assembled roving winder DS 35, for example, winds up to six spinning cakes on one spindle.

Machine solutions for your requirements

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