DS 10 Precision Cross Winder

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Electronic control: When parameters change frequently

The Precision Cross Winder DS 10E has an electronic control. It was developed for companies subject to constantly varying requirements to the winding process. This applies in particular to contracted rewinders that need to adjust to the individual customer product requirements at short intervals. Manufacturers with a broad product range also benefit from the diverse options.

The machine electronically adjusts its winding width, thread tension, contact pressure, speed and other parameters. Being able to choose between dancer control and scissor brake is a special feature. The user can make this change without help.

Robust mechanical design for continuous operation

The mechanical version, the DS 10M, has no electronic control for the crossing. This reduces costs. The setting is made via change gears. Bicon equipment is possible as well. This permits increase or decrease of the package width by up to 25 millimetres during the winding process. This type of machine is mainly used where the lines rewind the same product for months and changes are rare.

Dietze+Schell also offers the DS 10E and DS 10M as take-up versions for winding of continuously delivered threads or yarns.

Facts and advantages

two or three winding positions per frame and up to 10 winding positions combined into a production line

rewinding and assembling with a flexible traverse length

modular design for different yarn braking units

yarn counts of up to 35000 dtex with thread tensions of up to 3500 cN

modular design for different applications, such as assembling, swirling or wetting

central input terminal with recipe management

  DS 10
Winding speed 1300 m/min
Maximum mandrel rotation speed 2500 1/min
Yarn count up to 35000 dtex
Yarn tension range dancer control 25 - 3500 cN
Yarn tension range fingerbrake 20 – 1500 cN
Traverse length 50 - 300 mm stepless
Mandrel diameter from 15 mm
Maximum winding package diameter 320 mm
Maximum package weight 15 (20) kg
Crossing ratio electronic
  • Central operating terminal with visualised programme guidance. The current production data of the individual winding positions or a summary of the entire line can be displayed here. This also serves to input the winding parameters and to create and distribute winding programmes to keep equipment times short
  • Dancer control for controlling of constant thread tension and winding speed
  • Automatic deactivation based on diameter or running length
  • lectronically controlled, diameter-dependent programmable crossing
  • Pneumatic lamella spreading mandrels for fast bobbin change
  • Pneumatic backstop for clean bobbin build-up
  • Electronic thread monitor
  • Pneumatic contact pressure control
  • Automatic application of an adjustable thread reserve
  •     Height-adjustable take-off device
  •     Guidance unit equipment for the production of conical bobbins
  •     Exchange plates for quick changeover of scissor brake dancer control
  •     Smoothly variable delivery units for tension-free supply of the winding material
  •     Electronic knot monitors
  •     Scissor brake

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