Robust and proven technology

Parallel winders

Dietze+Schell has been developing and producing reliable parallel winders since 1980. The comprehensive program ranges from manually operated machines to fully automatic high-performance winders that free up employees to work on other aspects of production. An optional strap storage prevents material loss during bobbin swap.

The thread runs to the spindle almost at right angles in parallel winding. This process is best for flat, round and elliptical monofilaments as well as straps. Machine parameters such as thread tension and speed can be adjusted electronically, leading to optimal bobbin construction on sleeves with or without flange.

Moving strap or moving spindle

Either the strap is guided across the spindle horizontally ("back and forth") or the spindle changes position while the belt supply remains steady. A moving spindle is particularly recommended for sensitive material and from a bandwidth of 30 millimetres.

Mapping production speed

Dietze+Schell relies on highly efficient servo motors. The winding speed can be adjusted to match the requirements of your manufacturing process: from a few centimetres to 1,500 meters per minute. The benefits of this flexibility are particularly evident when production lines start up slowly and only reach their maximum speed after a few minutes. We offer asynchronous drives which you will find to be particularly economical solutions.

Automatic edge control

The machine independently makes sure that it winds precisely between the two flanges. Any necessary corrections to the yarn lay take place automatically. This prevents the bobbin from being wound too loosely or too tightly without any operator intervention.

Machine solutions for your requirements

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