SW 4E Take-up Parallel Strap winder

The take-up parallel-strap-winder SW 4E is used for winding of web materials in a width range up 30 mm like single, double or non adhesive foils, release papers, non woven fabrics, foam plastics, cork, Velcro tapes and similar materials.
The winding tension of the web is generated by dancer systems. These also control a constant winding speed and tension. The web tension is adjusted by an electronic pressure reducer which can be set at the central operating terminal.
These machines are mostly used in combination with a slitting machine as the DS 600.

Basic equipment:

  • Central operation terminal with touch screen and intuitive visualised program operation. Check the actual production parameters of the individual winding positions or a summary of the whole line. You also can set winding parameters and create and administer winding receipts. This results in short setting-up times.
  • Because of the free programmable winding process, you can gain a perfect package build-up for different straplike materials.
  • Dancer control for constant yarn tension and winding speed.
  • Contact pressure rolls.
  • Winding on cylindrical or flanged winding tubes.
  • Automatic winding stop an adjustable yardage.
  • Pneumatic winding mandrels for a quick bobbin swap.