DS 352 Fully Automatic Presicion
Cross Winder

The fully automatic precision cross winder DS 352 is used for winding and rewinding of textile or technical yarns in in- or offline production.
Because of the wide choice of material specific thread guides, you can use this machine in a yarn count range from 20 up to 25 000 dtex. The winding positions are arranged in individual frames with 1 or 2 winding positions. From these frames, you can assemble networked production lines. The compact design permits operation even on little space.
The fully automatic bobbin swap is done at full production speed. It is possible to apply automatically an adjustable yarn reserve to each bobbin. The winding tubes are fed from a magazine on the backside of the machine. Also the completed bobbins are ejected to the back on a conveyor belt or a tray. The machine is designed for permanent operation. The modular design allows us to adapt the machine exactly to your individual production requirements.

Basic equipment:

  • Fully automatic bobbin swap at full production speed.
  • Central operation terminal with touch screen and intuitive visualised program operation. Check the actual production parameters of the individual winding positions or a summary of the whole line. You also can set winding parameters and create and administer winding receipts. This results in short setting-up times.
  • Dancer control for constant yarn tension and speed.
  • Electronic controlled and programmable diameter depending crossing ratio.
  • Precision winding and random winding possible.
  • Pneumatic winding mandrels for a quick bobbin swap.
  • Pneumatic reverse lock for a proper bobbin build.
  • Pneumatic contact pressure control.