Dietze+Schell was founded in 1951 by Bruno Dietze and Dr. Guenther Schell in Coburg, Bavaria. In the first few years, packaging machines were produced in wage work for the confectionery industry. In 1959, Mr Jürgen Schell took over the general management, joined later by his brother Detlef Schell. In 2005, both Mr Jürgen Schell and Mr Detlef Schell resigned from their managing positions.

Large scale plants for single dipping and rewindig of tire cord with DS 353.

Purchase of SIMA srl., Bologna/ Italy.The company was founded in 1947.
SIMA is technological leader in development and production of extrusion lines
to produce high-tensile mono-/ multifilament, fibrillated tapes, as well as
strappings for the packaging and fishing industry. Machines and equipment
for refining and processing of ropes, yarns and twines perfects the product portfolio.


First slitting machines DS 600 for carbon prepreg web material in combination
with new parallel strap winders SW 4 300/2.

Major projects for EW 800 Take-Up Winders for winding precursor-material for
the carbon-fibre industry

Market launch of the 2. generation of fully automatic precision cross winders
DS 352.

Market launch of the DS 200G double texturising machine for plastic
monofilaments to produce artificial turf.

Development of the Cake Winder DS 370 to Cake Winder DS 373 with linear
travelling spindles.

Development of Direct-Roving Winder DS 360 to Direct-Roving Winder DS 330.

New development of the fully automatic precision cross winder DS 350, to take up rewinding textile and technical yarns in in– and offline applications.


Purchase of TRIMA spol. s r.o. in Turnov, Czech Republic. Continuation of the company as a supplier for glass texturising machines and non-woven matting machines respectively for the glass fibre industry.

Purchase of our production plant in Anderson, South Carolina, USA and foundation of Dietze + Schell Manufacturing Solutions as an individual service and assembly location.

New development of non-metallic strapping winders with automatic package exchange.

Renovation and modernization of the administration building for the management, sales and purchasing departments, including a redesign for the building facade.

New development of the Take-Up-Winder SW 1000 SA for winding of non-woven tapes up to 150 mm (6") width, directly from slitting line.

Extension of the production halls with 1000 m2 on two floors.

Dietze & Schell celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Development and production of direct roving winders for the glass fibre industry.
These direct roving packages are used in the plastic industry (glass fibre reinforced plastic) and in the textile web industry.

Delivery of the first cake forming winder for the glass fibre industry.

Foundation of American Dietze & Schell Corp. in Piedmont, SC, USA.

First large project for manufacturing cake forming winders for glass fibres.

Dietze Schell introduces Air texturising lines to the market, used in the production of glass fibre, as well as for applications to substitute asbestos, for example in brake and clutch linings.

Beginning of the development and production of air entangling lines (Air Jet-System) for intermingling of BCF yarn.

Purchase of the administrative and factory building from Bruno Dietze, Coburg, Karchestrasse 1.

Manufacture and sale of single-end finishing machines for stretching, bonding and dyeing  yarns, especially for the sewing yarn industry.

Development of a new winding machine for the winding of non-metallic strappings from the extrusion line.

Birth of a new generation of precision cross winders.

Rebuilding and stocking up of the total production plant

Delivery of the first winding machines (take-up), which are used from extrusion lines for the production of tapes.

First delivery of precision cross winders to the glass fibre industry for production of assembled rovings.

Takeover of the production of precision cross winders as well as cable twisting machines, which were mainly delivered to the carpet and rope industry.