DS 600 Multifunction Slitting Machine

The slitting machine DS 600 is used for feeding and slitting of web materials such as single, double or non adhesive foils, release papers, non woven fabrics, foam plastics, cork, Velcro tapes and similar materials; as well as for cutting and winding of edge strips. It is always designed specifically for the customer, exactly to your needs.
The machine can be equipped for different cutting processes, appropriate to the specific material to be handled. For adhesive tapes, foamed webs and other sensible materials, the machine can be run with a constant gap between the contact pressure roll and the package surface. At this processing, the winding packages are less squeezed. The un- and winding tension of the web is generated by dancer systems. These also control a constant winding speed and tension. The web tension is adjusted by an electronic pressure reducer which can be set at the central operating terminal.
The machine can be used as a mere slitting machine or combined as a delaminating winder and slitting machine. An integrated edge guiding system guarantees for absolutely exact winding results in this case.

Examples of use:
One winding position pulls off and delaminates an adhesive foil, feeds it to the slitting device. A further winding position winds the left release paper.
One winding position for unrolling of foil and feeding it to the slitting device and a further winding position to wind the uncut edges.
In both cases the cut straps are wound by a series of downstream winders, for example SW 500.