DS 373 Cake Winder

The cake winder DS 373 is used for pulling off glass or basalt fibres from bushings continuously.
The fibres are wound cakes of saddle or trapezoidal shape.
It is therefore equipped with two winding spindles which are changed over automatically while the threads are transferred from one winding mandrel to the other.
The fix flyer rotates above the traversing mandrel for traversing the threads
A better product quality by lower thread deflection is gained (thread triangle is smaller) because of this distribution of the movements.
This winding principle requires  less thread deflection points with correspondingly less thread tension. This winding process is of great advantage, especially with very small titers because of these reasons.
The winder is designed to stand up to non-stop operation under stress conditions caused by severe  fouling and the strong usage of size.
You can produce 1 to 4 cakes simultaneously on one winding mandrel.

Basic equipment:

  • Intuitive machine adjustments via touch panels with visualised program operation.
  • Precise, electronic controlled crossing ratio to gain cakes with a good suitability for high-frequency drying systems.
  • Programmable winding of protection layers.
  • Automatic cleaning of the machine components by water jets.