DS 35 E Folding-Roving winder

The precision cross winder DS 35 E is used for assembling and winding glass fibre filaments to rovings in a yarn count range up to 4800 tex.
The machine is designed for permanent operation.
The modular design allows us to adapt the machine exactly to your individual production requirements.

Basic equipment:

  • Opertion terminal to input the windng parameters and to check the actual machine and production state.
  • Electronic meter count wheel.
  • Admission of sealing air to the traverse mechanism and the meter count wheel to avoid contaminations.
  • Fingerbrake to adjust the thread tension.
  • Adjustment of the crossing ration by a conoid gear.
  • Pneumatic shell mandrels for a quick bobbin swap. These make winding possible also without tubes.
  • Reverse lock for a proper bobbin build.
  • Adjustable contact pressure, decreasing over the package build.