DS 330, D380 Direct Roving Winder

The direct roving winders DS 330 and DS 380 are used for pulling off glass or basalt fibres from bushings continuously. They are therefore equipped with two winding spindles which are changed over automatically while the threads are transferred from one winding mandrel to the other. The type denomination refers to the maximum possible package diameter to produce whether 330 mm or 380 mm.
They are designed to stand up to non-stop operation under stress conditions caused by severe fouling and the strong usage of size. The machines are constructed to wind glass- or basalt fibres in a yarn count range from approximately 68 – 9600 tex. According to the machine layout it is possible to produce from 1 to 4 or even 6 packages on a mandrel simultaneously.
The modular design allows us to adapt the machines exactly to your individual production requirements.

Basic equipment:

  • Intuitive machine adjustments via touch panels with visualised program operation.
  • Automatic cleaning of the traverse mechanism by water jets.
  • Precise, electronic controlled crossing ratio to gain rovings with a good suitability for high-frequency drying systems.