DS 200/200 G Air Texturising Machines

The DS 200 G air texturising machine is used for air-texturising of technical yarns, e.g.: sewing yarns for container sacks, upholstery yarns or special carpet yarns for simulating the "nature look" of wool yarns with taslan-type texturising.
The field of application of the version DS 200 G, is the texturising flat plastics filaments for the production of artificial turf.
Generally you can handle bundled PES-, PP-,PE- and PA- flat monofilaments, respectively fibrillated PE-fillets as well as CF or BCF yarns of PP, PA or PET in a yarn count up approx. 14 000 tex, in special applications up to 20.000 tex.
The production of artificial turf can be done inline from extruder line or offline from an unwinding device. The texturised filaments can additionally be entangled with support yarn in a joined wrapping spindle and subsequently wound to bobbins with a precision cross winder (e.g. DS 350) after leaving the DS 200. The individual winding positions can be assembled to networked production lines. The compact design permits operation even in a confined space. The machine is designed for permanent operation.

Basic equipment:

  • Central operation terminal with touch screen and intuitive visualised program operation. Check the actual production parameters of the individual winding positions or a summary of the whole line. You also can set winding parameters and create and administer winding receipts. This results in short setting-up times.
  • Heated godets with integrated temperature control.
  • Jet box with integrated crumpling device and a specific jet for the production of naturally appearing carpet filaments at DS 200, respectively soundproofed jet box with specific jet for the production of grass yarn at DS 200 G.
  • Proportional pressure control valve for electronic adjustment of the jet pressure.
  • Quick-release mandrel.